3 Network Marketing Objections to Overcome

If you are in network marketing then you’ve probably dealt with more than one objection in your time. Here are 3 network marketing objections to overcome and what to say.

I Don’t Have the Money

Not having the money is one of the biggest reasons that people say they are not able to start the business. If people say that they do not have the money to get started you can say, “If you had the money to get started right now, would you?” If they say yes, then you help them brainstorm:

Borrow Money From a Friend/Family Member
Borrow Part of It From 10 Different People
Get a Small Personal Loan
Many times people simply have not looked into the options that are available to them because they have not thought about it.

I Don’t Have the Time

When people say they don’t have the time, I always ask, “How much time do you think this business is going to take?” Usually, they come up with some insane amount of hours and I just say, “If you could begin to build your business in 5-10 hours per week, would that be doable for you?” If people do not have at least 5-10 hours per week to build their future, just let them go.

Is This a Scam?

People only think network marketing is a scam because they are uneducated on the topic. I always act little offended and say, “Do I seem to be the type of person that would be involved with a scam? If so, maybe we should not be doing business together.”

Always remember that you are in control of the conversation. You have the opportunity and not them. When you start developing that “posture” you will be able to bring amazing people onto your team.

How to Win In MLM By Taking Ownership

When we are going through life, we often like to play the victim but if we are in network marketing that is not going to work. In this article, you are going to learn how to win in MLM by taking ownership.

The biggest thing you can do to crush your success and stop your growth in your network marketing company is to become a victim in the situation. If you find yourself saying things like, “My upline doesn’t help me enough”, “My team isn’t working”, “The company raised the shipping by $2″ then you have put yourself in the role of a victim and you’ve given someone else the ability to dictate whether or not you are going to be successful.

When you want to be a success in MLM, it is a must to take ownership. If your upline doesn’t help you then figure it out yourself. If your team isn’t working then go get a new team. If the company raised shipping by $2 then give your own discount to your customers if you don’t think they are going to bear the cost.

The truth is that if we want to find a reason something is not going to work then we will. If we want to find a reason that things are going to work then we will. It is all up to us whether we are going to be successful or not and that should be an empowering thought but many people do not believe in themselves so it feel like a horrible death sentence to their MLM career. The only thing you can do to help yourself is to build your confidence and take ownership so you can start seeing success in your MLM business.

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The Importance of Utilizing Network Marketing Genealogy Lists

I originally had some reservations about writing this article because I felt like the content was probably well understood. I mean after all, this forum is full of network marketing professionals who I assume know a thing or two about marketing.

However, I was told a long time ago to never assume, because when you do, you make an “ass” out of “u” and “me.” If you’re under 30, you’ve probably have never heard that huh?

Anyway, I have a quick question for you.

How are you building your network marketing business?

Sorry, what I meant to say is besides using what your sponsor told you, what marketing methods are you using to garner fresh targeted leads to build your business? Are you creating YouTube videos, or are you using Social Media, Solo ads, Traffic exchanges, PPC, Article Marketing, Forums, Blogging?

Every one of the methods above work great… if implemented consistently. Here’s a cautionary tip though. Using Pay-per-Click advertising can be costly if you don’t know what you’re doing. I use some of the above methods myself. And I get a lot of traffic.. But there’s one method I didn’t include that I thought I should include.

Network Marketing Genealogy Lists!

Know what they are? And if so. Are you using them? If not, why not?

For those of you who don’t know what they are, Network Marketing Genealogy lead lists consists of the names of people who have signed up as a distributor for a network marketing company either in the past or are currently with a network marketing company plus their email and telephone number.

The people on these lists are obviously the ones you want to share your business opportunity with because they are proven buyers who will take action, and they have already proven to do so. They have paid their hard-earned money to get started in one program or another and have a genuine interest in either network marketing or other related offers.

With the caliber of people on these lists, you don’t have to convince them of the legitimacy of your business. They’re not the type that’s going to think you’re an alien from outer space when you talk to them about it.

And one more thing about genealogy leads, they provide a super effective way of reaching other like-minded leaders with which to help you grow your business! These heavy hitters know other heavy hitters and top producers in the industry who they can call upon to join them should they get excited about your offer. Talk about building your downline fast. Whew! You get a hold of one these heavy hitters and you’re all set.

How Do I Maximize Twitter for Multi-Level Marketing?

Multi-level marketing pros that are looking to reduce physical cash output need to learn to maximize their efforts on social media channels. Many channels that can be earned and branded are not. They may not be using these sites to their fullest potential. This can put a dent in the bumper of the business. So, let us pull out that dent and learn to efficiently use one core social media site today. Twitter happens to be a great little playground that is very stimulating for connections. This how to is for those looking to drop their expenditures down and maximize their presence and efforts.

Rethink the 140 limitation…

140 characters is not much room to play with for any business. While each post is limited, it doesn’t mean that you have to play by its own rules. By using links, you can break that chain. The tricky part is maximizing the rest of the space with captivating word play. Media attachments are great ways to expand upon the little box area as well. The video bursts allow you to do much more. Plus, you can brand your messages as well. People tend to interact with graphic and videos more than just plain text and links. Consider using more static graphics with your messages and dynamic video bursts as teaser trailers.

Social Alignment with your business…

Multi-level marketing and social media can butt heads at time. It’s up to you to tame the beast. This is done by creating social goals and business ones that work together for the common good. This helps reduce conflict between the agendas. By creating such goals, you can easily measure results of any campaigns that you launch. Twitter was the first to offer analytics to help business reduce wasted effort. This kind act inspired other giants to do the same without costing you the owner a dime. This alone has saved companies thousands of ad dollars alone and hundreds of man hours.

Do more interacting and streamline your publishing…

Before we close up this multi-level marketing lesson for the day. There are two last topics to discuss really quick. One is that more live interaction is needed on Twitter. Find interesting content to share and others will find you to be more interesting to follow. Start up a conversation and you can lure in prospects. The last point is to streamline your publishing efforts by using a social media automation software. Where you upload or manual enter your posts. You can then schedule your releases. This will give you freedom to jump start your live interaction protocol.

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